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Project 88- 1988 BMW R100

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Project 88 begins its journey here!


Project 88 started as a sound riding platform for a proper Café Racer conversion.
The wiring on this project was a mess to begin with. The Subframe had been chopped to accommodate a homemade seat.

Project 88 began RT model. All the wiring was in extra length for an RT Fairing and patched, spliced, taped, and tucked to accommodate new turn signals.
All leftover emission control components were removed and a standard starter cover was used.
The seat cowl is being measured for fit and alteration on the newly fabricated de-tabbed and reinforced subframe by TCB fabricators in Chico CA.
It was at this point that it was decided that if we are going to do a proper conversion, that we should start from scratch by completely disassembling the bike.
Some of the powder coated parts back from All Star Powder Coating In Rocklin, CA.
New Bearings installed here and throughout.
New Race installed, top and bottom.
Greased and packed bearings installed.
Assembly of Project 88 begins!
Wiring loom was removed, inspected, and tested.
Wiring harness fitted on frame for fit with all the powder coating that was done to the frame we wanted to make certain that everything fit as expected.
Preparation for wiring the Acewell Digital/Analog Speedo and other electrical components.
Wiring loom was then re-wrapped with Tessa Tape per factory standards.
Confirming the wiring schematics against the BMW wiring diagram for this particular bike.
All wires for the electrical system prepped and labeled.
Stripping the ends of the wires.
Properly wrapping the joined wires for a proper solder joint.
Soldering each wire into position. No wire ties, crimped fittings were used here.
Shrink tubing used to prevent contact of soldered joints with other wires.
Soldered wires were cut at different points on the same harness so when the harness is wrapped no one area would bulge out of the loom.
Temporary mock up of the rear turn signals, brake and running light before sending off bracket for powder coating.
Permanent connections fitted to all wiring with option to remove for service. Custom length battery wires were used. Battery mounted on Boxer Metal fender eliminator kit. 
Confirming wiring control key.
Acewell Gauge fitted to anodized Toaster Tan upper clamp by way of Boxer metal mount.
Newly painted rear drive attached to swing arm and preload set.
It was decided to remove the perch controls and have them powder coated too.
Painted body parts and upholstered seat fitted to frame. Paint by Seat upholstered by Don Vigarino of Wrocket Products in Foresthill Ca. 
Artie Cathcart of TCB Fabricators in Chico, CA mocking up the new stainless mounts for the reverse megaphone mufflers.
Welding the newly fabricated brackets in place.
Mufflers and brackets complete.
Mufflers installed as is the new header wrap and new Brown side side stand.
Header wrap and muffler complete on both sides. At this point the bike is now complete.

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BMW Motorcycle Tee Shirts and Apparel